John Calabrese, vice president of Global Vehicle Engineering and president of Global Technology Operations for General Motors Co., helps predict future GM moves. (Calabrese retired from GM in 2014 )

Richard LoFaso, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. corporate marketing manager for Truck Operations, hopes to increase sales with Toyota’s redesigned Tundra full-size pickup. 

Chrysler brand chief Saad Chehab is counting on Detroit”s”All-American” image to help sell cars. Saad Chehab left Chrysler in late 2013 to become chief marketing officer for Maserati SpA 

Owen Peacock, The national manager of marketing and communications for Toyota’s Scion division tells about its moves to expand sales and attract new buyers. 

Chrysler’s youthful top designer Ralph V. Gilles keeps America’s love affair with cars alive. 

Lexus boss Mark Templin tells about the new, sportier direction of Lexus cars, including the redesigned 2013 GS sedan. 

Chrysler Group LLC executive Christine Barman is helping put sexy rear-wheel-drive American cars more in style again.  

Mark Perry, director of product planning and advanced technology strategy for Nissan North America, is helping Nissan become a stronger competitor in America.  

C.J. O'Donnell, group marketing manager for Lincoln, is working to increase that venerable automaker's allure. O'Donnell was reassigned in September, 2012, to market Ford's electrified vehicles. 

Fiat North American Brand Head Laura J. Soave on reintroducing Italy’s Fiat to America with cute 500 model
Soave left the company late in 2011 to pursue other interests.

Buick Product Marketing Director Roger McCormack on losing Buick’s “grandfather” image and a future that includes its European-style, hot rod Regal GS. 

Goodyear Tire Whiz Robert Toth on spare tire disappearance, pressure warning lights, flats and inflation. 

International Sports Car Racing Great Hurley Haywood Gives Key Driving Tips  

Derrick Kuzak – Ford Group Vice President of Global Product Development – Moving To Upscale Small Cars
Kuzak retired from Ford in April after 33 years with the automaker, which called him "absolutely integral to the comeback at Ford."

Anne E. Belec – From Volvo Cars North America boss to Navistar Inc. Chief Marketing Officer. Belec left the company in 2011 to pursue other interests. 

John F. Krafcik, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hyundai Motor America, tells why Hyundai is so hot and speaks of its future plans. 

Christophe Georges,  President and Chief Operating Officer of Bentley Motors of the Americas on luxury car sales declines. 

Muscle Car Guru Jim Wangers on Pontiac's demise

Veteran Ferrari Dealer John Weinberger on Sexy Ferrari Market

Top Audi executive Scott Keogh on that automaker's rising star.
Keogh was named president of Audi of America in 2012.

Volkswagen Design Chief Walter de’ Silva on future Volkswagens