Q. Is Mercedes-Benz really going to sell a pickup truck? -- J.H. (via Internet)  

A. Sure looks that way, at least by 2020, although sales of the midsize pickup are expected to initially be in Europe, Latin America, Australia and South Africa--not the United States. Note that Mercedes successfully sells a van in various forms in America. Pickups are extremely popular here. Many are sold in ultra luxurious form and are big money makers. 

Q. Something is missing from Cadillac's new, upcoming  flagship CT6 model. Can you guess what it is?--  D.M. (via Internet)

A. A V-8 engine. Only V-6s reportedly will be offered. It's hard to imagine the most prestigious large Cadillac auto without a V-8.

Q. Why are the 1965-73 Porsche six-cylinder 911 and 1965-69 four-cylinder 912 models becoming so popular-- and pricey? -- F.K. (via Internet)

A. One reason is because they have the original, identical "classic" body. Later models were forced by government regulations to added hefty safety bumpers and such. Porsche then added widened rear bodies and big rear spoilers that also took away from the original clean look. The current rear-engine Porsche 911 looks rather fat. Moreover, there aren't that many decent 911 and 912 models around. 

Q.  Do you think the upcoming new Lincoln Continental will be successful after its introduction next year? -- P.J. (via Internet)

A. It's too early to tell, but Lincoln is resurrecting its prestigious old Continental name with the car and desperately needs a new upscale model such as the Continental to regain some of its long-lost glamor.

Q.  What were two of the most affordable, impressive new cars displayed at the recent New York Auto Show? -- D.W. (via Internet)

A. The Chevrolet Malibu and Kia Optima.

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