Q. What new car colors will prevent me from getting top dollar for my auto when I want to sell it? — J.H., Westchester, Ill.

A. Any splashy colors. They tend to go out of style. 

Q. What are some of the most futuristic vehicle features that we can get today? — E.H., Los Angeles

A. Crash avoidance systems that automatically brake your auto so it doesn’t hit an object ahead of it. Also, lane-keeping systems that keep a car within lanes via sensors and steering motors—even on curves. Also, self-parking systems that do the steering for a driver, who just must control the gas and brake pedals. Finally, there’s “smart cruise control” that automatically keeps your vehicle a safe distance from the one ahead of it.

Q. What non-hybrid, electric or diesel new car gets the best fuel economy? — G.R., Denver

A. As of this writing, it’s the small Ford Fiesta with a 1-liter, 3-cylinder engine, which Ford says gets 45 miles per gallon while providing decent performance. 

Q. How can I get the highest price for my used car? — D.M., Atlanta

A. First, make sure it looks and runs good. Then sell it yourself. It’s figured that you can make $2,000 or more by selling it yourself than by trading it in at a dealership.   

Q. What words should I never put in an advertisement for a car I’m selling? — F.K., Chicago

A. Never use the words “Best offer.” They’re practically guaranteed to draw people who will just waste your time, besides insulting your car.

Q. What are the least popular markets for NASCAR stock car racing? — E.K., Memphis

A. It’s least popular in such large cities as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

Q. How come Volkswagen hasn’t hit it big in America since the days of its early Beetle model? — C. K., Milwaukee
A. Volkswagen never took the United States all that seriously. It tended to overengineer its cars and hoped Americans eventually would appreciate them.

Q. What do you think of ads that say an old sports car being sold “needs work” or is “ideal for restoration.”— A.H., Peoria

A. It generally means the car is a disaster for the average car buyer.

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