Q. I know Porsche 911s have always been fast, but what's the fastest one the automaker has built so far? -- J.H. (via Internet)
A. Porsche keeps making faster and faster cars. So far, though, the 2017 911 Porsche Turbo S Cabriolet takes the prize. It does 0-60 m.p.h. in 2.9 seconds and has a 205 miles per hour top speed. It starts at $200,400.

Q. What do automakers think of the ride-sharing world? -- D.M. (via Internet)

A. They are quickly staking their claims in that world.

Q. My favorite car, the Dodge Charger, long has been known for its hefty, potent V-8 engines. But will future stringent fuel-economy and emissions regulations kill the V-8 for this model? -- J.C. (via Internet)

A. The new Charger is rumored to be some 500 pounds lighter and powered by a 300-horsepower twin-turbocharged in-line four-cylinder engine. However, this version may not arrive for a few years, says the trade publication Automotive News. 

Q. When do you think self-driving cars will arrive? -- E.N. (via Internet)

A. Probably in decent numbers in 15-20 years. They will appeal to lots of senior citizens who will not want to give up mobility. However, much work must be done to make self-driving vehicle controls simple enough for the average 80-year-old to operate.

Q. Are automobile dealers all the same? That is, would they sell their mothers down the river to make a few extra bucks on a car? -- P.S. (via Internet)

A. Some are worse than others. One problem is that many I've encountered know almost nothing about the models they sell, although they sure know what makes their cash registers ring. They may as well be selling refrigerators or stoves.

Q. Can the average car buyer beat a professional auto salesperson at his own game? -- J.T. (via Internet)

A. Not unless the salesperson is working at a dealership that soon will go out of business.

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